Monthly Archives: June 2010

Belated Update

Consistency and I are not good friends.  I start out with every intention of trying t o do something on a regular basis.  My excuse?  Memorial Day holiday was last week, which was jam packed with things to be done.  Does that sound good?  No?  Ah, well…..I was just plain lazy.  I was to lazy too post a quick blurb on my weigh-in last week.  So, this week is a catch up from the last two weeks.

May 30, 2010:

Sunday weigh-in: 254 lbs

Weekly gain/loss: -1 lbs

Overall gain/loss: -3 lbs

June 6, 2010:

Sunday weigh-in: 251.5 lbs

Weekly gain/loss: -2.5 lbs

Overall gain/loss: -5.5 lbs

I’ve also reached one of Weightwatchers™ milestones, the first 5lbs!  WAHOOO!!!  Yeah, I know it’s only five pounds, and that might seam like a small pittance in my overall weight loss goal.  Just the fact that I’m losing weight is something to be celebrated.  It’s a small little goal.  My next small little goal is to lose an additional five pounds.  How did I celebrate my losing my first five pounds?  I had a piece of wonderful strawberry flavored cake with icing at my friend’s party for her daughter’s dedication.  It was DELICIOUS!!!

Now I just need to be good the rest of the day.  I used up my daily points already along with a coupld of my allowance points, and there’s still dinner to be had.  Looks like salad is on the menu for tonight.