Weekly Summary 5/23/2010

Sunday is the day that I’ve chosen to do my weekly weigh-in.  I plan on posting, a once a week a summary of my weekly weigh-ins, and my thoughts of the previous week along with my goals for the next week.  Small achievable goals mixed in with the larger more challenging ones, right?

Last week’s starting weight: 257 lbs

Sunday weigh-in: 255 lbs

Weekly gain/loss: -2 lbs

Overall gain/loss: -2 lbs

Thoughts:  Seeing as how I’ve only been on WeightWatchers™ for only five days, I’m not sure exactly what to think.  It’s not unusual for me to fluctuate up to five pounds during a month.  But any weight loss is encouraging and a step in the right direction.  The hardest part to adjust to is the feeling that I’m not eating enough to satisfy me.  I’ve been assured that the “always hungry” feeling will go away.  Like with any new routine, there is an adjustment period.  As long I remind myself that, I should be able to resist the urge to eat whatever is just lying around.

I’ve also been finding myself thinking more about what exactly I am eating, and putting more thought into my meals.  In general I do eat a lot of the right things (whole grains, veggies, fruit, etc.).  Where my two biggest weaknesses lie are in my lack of planning and portion sizes.  I’m a procrastinator and usually wait until the last-minute to do anything; that includes perpetually running late in getting ready for work.  As a result, I forget to pack my lunch and just “grab something” at the local fast food restaurant.  By the time I do that, I’m starving which leads me to eating more than I really need to.

My biggest goal this week is to PLAN!.  Plan and pack my breakfast and lunches for work.  Plan dinner with some more thought trying to keep portion control in mind with my cooking.

One thought on “Weekly Summary 5/23/2010

  1. DaniAntoinette

    Good for you!

    I too, eat for all the same reasons and have trouble with portion control… As I type this an empty bag of m&m’s is sitting next to me. I wish food didn’t taste so yummy and that exercise was more fun. I just can’t seem to stick to any weight loss plan… I do well for a while on them an then I “cheat” for a day and then justify eating more because…”well I already ruined my diet for today… So I’ll start again on Monday…” Monday comes and I say… “well, tomorrow…” and it continues.


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